Perfect opportunity to get back into the gym
or take your fitness and nutrition to a new level. 


Get motivated and focused on hitting the gym, eating clean and achieving results – all within eight weeks. This program combines nutrition counseling and a food plan with unlimited, trainer-led classes. Personal assessments and check-ins will hold you (and us) accountable, and help you build muscle, burn calories and look great!

8-Week Program:

  • Personal assessment and measurements
  • Goal setting and training schedule
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Food plan developed by clinical nutritionist
  • Weekly fitness and nutrition bulletins
  • Online forum to share food ideas, recipes, etc.
  • Access to 40-plus classes offered weekly
  • Ideal for men and women; all fitness levels

This program helped get my healthy eating back on track. I lost four inches off my waist, nearly two inches off my hips and more than an inch from my arms. Thank you Collis, Devin, Mark, Kim, Hakim, Lauren, and everyone at HIT Training for always pushing me and getting me closer to my goals. Special thanks to Laurie for the best recipes and Tom Mantos for his nutritional guidance.
— Stefanie H.


  • New Members: 8-Week Fitness & Nutrition - $449
  • Active Class Members: add the 8-Week Nutrition - $199

Limited to 30 motivated people.  Reserve your spot for the next program starting in September.

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