In addition to personal and group training, we offer 60-plus classes a week, providing a focused, intense fitness experience for all skill levels. Our schedule and format is designed to burn calories, build muscle and achieve measurable results while integrating rest and recovery. Classes include strength training, cardio conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, bootcamps and yoga.

Classes and trainers are subject to change; click here or the red "Class Schedule" button above for the latest updates. Below is a printable class schedule for each week:

Access the schedule directly from your smartphone. Introducing the HIT Training mobile app. 

We program the workouts so you don’t have to.


Total Body Strength

Combines functional strength movements with accessory exercises. Class will include a broad range of equipment along with bodyweight movements. 

Emphasis: strength training



Get ready to sweat! This non-stop total body workout incorporates a broad range of bodyweight
and mobility movements, plus odd objects such as sled, tires, ropes, plyoboxes, etc.

Emphasis: strength training and cardio conditioning



A series of stations incorporating strength, conditioning and core.  

Emphasis: strength training and cardio conditioning



High intensity interval training (HIIT) includes a series of movements performed against
a running clock with short periods of rest in between. Example: Tabata, AMRAP, and EMOM 

Emphasis: cardio conditioning and endurance



It’s the heavy bag against you. This fast-paced class teaches boxing fundamentals and techniques, including an array of punch combinations. An intense, full-body workout that can easily burn 800
or more calories, reduce stress and have fun punching without getting hit back! 

Emphasis: cardio conditioning



Burn fat and reduce stress as you unload on the heavy bag. This turbocharged kickboxing
class includes punching, kicking, and other movements, all within a fun environment. 

Emphasis: cardio conditioning


Yoga & Mobility Stretch

Improve strength, mobility, and flexibility as well as mental and spiritual clarity. These sessions focus on balance, range of motion, stretching, and concentration. 

Emphasis: flexibility, range of motion, and mental acuity

Each month offers a completely new program and training curriculum. The classes rotate each week, focusing on strength or high intensity interval training, and emphasizing lower or upper body movements as well as cardio conditioning.

Exercise selection and program description for classes change every day, providing a new batch of exciting workouts that will keep you energized and challenged.

"I have been taking classes here for several years. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, motivated, and genuinely interested in helping you reach your fitness goals. I feel very fit, happy and confident with myself thanks to the staff and friendly members at HIT Training." - Terry P.