Strength, Agility and Quickness

Sports performance programs for "focused and committed" athletes at all levels.

Get the most out of next season by putting in the time now, during the off-season. From classes to personal, group and team training, our sports performance programs are designed to get athletes stronger, faster and more explosive.  Utilizing an array of techniques and protocols that are proven at the collegiate and professional levels, our program focuses on the physical and mental aspects of training, preparation and recovery. 

Custom training programs for middle school, high school and collegiate athletes.

Learn the proper way to execute technical lifts such as the snatch, clean and jerk, squat, deadlift and other power and accessory exercises from highly-qualified coaches and trainers.  Our 10,000 square foot facility offers a unique training environment that includes Olympic weightlifting equipment, kettlebells, a Rogue Infiniti rack system, tires, battle ropes and plyoboxes.

Core Focus

  • Strength Training – get stronger and more explosive
  • Flexibility & Mobility – improve athleticism and agility
  • Speed & Plyometrics – increase footwork, quickness and “game speed”
  • Mental Toughness – develop confidence through preparation

About the Program

  • Personal assessment: baseline testing performed to record progressions and benchmarks
  • Customized sports-specific training programs that incorporate goals
  • Designed for all sports: football, lacrosse, wrestling, soccer, baseball, basketball and track

Training Programs

  • Sports Performance Classes

Offered after school, Monday through Friday, sports performance classes are designed specifically for athletes at the middle and high school levels, mixing speed and mobility drills and strength training. Call to arrange an assessment and discuss pricing.

  • Personal & Group Training

Based on the goals and schedule of an individual athlete or small group, customized training programs are designed to address the physical and mental aspects of a specific sport – in-season or off-season. Call to arrange an assessment and discuss pricing.

  • Team Training

From wrestling and baseball to football, lacrosse and soccer, private team training offers an opportunity to prepare during the off-season and foster teamwork and cohesiveness. It integrates speed and conditioning with strength training within a competitive environment. Priced based on number of athletes involved; call to arrange an assessment and discuss pricing.

Sports Performance Blog

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