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An intense, full-body workout that can easily burn 800 or more calories, reduce stress and have fun punching the heavy bag without getting hit back. This fast-paced class teaches boxing fundamentals and techniques, including an array of punch combinations.

Emphasis: cardio conditioning


Get ready to sweat! This non-stop total body workout incorporates a broad range of bodyweight and mobility movements, plus odd objects such as sled, tires, ropes, plyoboxes, etc.

Emphasis: strength training and cardio conditioning


High intensity interval training (HIIT) includes a series of movements performed against a running clock with short periods of rest in between. Example: Tabata, AMRAP, and EMOM 

Emphasis: cardio conditioning and endurance


Burn fat and reduce stress as you unload on the heavy bag. This turbocharged kickboxing class includes punching, kicking, and other movements, all within a fun environment. 

Emphasis: cardio conditioning


Total Body Strength

Combines functional strength movements with accessory exercises. Class will include a broad range of equipment along with bodyweight movements. 

Emphasis: strength training



Improve strength, mobility, and flexibility as well as mental and spiritual clarity. These sessions focus on balance, range of motion, stretching, and concentration. 

Emphasis: flexibility, range of motion, and mental acuity