Youth Boxing Program Aims to Get Kids More Active

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) study found that childhood obesity affects 13.7 million children and teens in the U.S. New Jersey ranks higher than national average obesity rates.

According to the report, not only has teen obesity been on the rise, but the percentage of teens trying to lose weight has declined.

Poor nutrition combined with less physical fitness and activities are likely the contributing factors. The CDC recommends children and teens participate in 60 minutes of physical activity daily.

We agree.

At HIT Training, our youth boxing program is specifically designed for children and teenagers of all fitness levels. Offered five days a week, the 60-minute sessions combine cardio, strength, and endurance movements all within a fun and safe environment that teaches the fundamentals of boxing.

In addition to physical fitness, this non-contact program can help increase focus, instill discipline and boost confidence. It can also improve academics.  According to a Reuters Health article, “students who get extra physical activity may pay more attention in school and do better in subjects like reading and math, a research review suggests.”

As September nears, back to school offers the perfect opportunity to create a structured routine for your kids. Our youth boxing program is offered after school at 4:00 and 5:00 (Monday through Thursday) and 12:00 on Saturday.

Sessions are led by professional boxer, Hakim Bryant, who mixes in padwork, drills, shadow boxing and other techniques.  

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