Why You Need to Reconsider Your Relationship With the Scale

By Rebecca De Sousa, Nutrition Counselor at RevolutioniZe Nutrition

Almost everyone equates getting into shape with losing weight. Scales are typically the primary instrument to baseline a person's perceived health and wellness, but they provide a poor metric of overall fitness.

Clients at RevolutioniZe come in all shapes and sizes and when they utilize our nutrition programs, success is measured in inches (gained and lost) and percentage of muscle mass, not the scale. For example, one client recently dropped two inches off his waste and reduced body fat from 25 to under 20 percent, all while losing less than five pounds.  Only five pounds, yet he looks completely different. Proof that the scale tells only a fraction of the overall story.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to put away the scale: 

  1. If you ever had a day when you are feeling great and then you stepped on the scale and your day instantly becomes ruined then it is time to realize you have to ditch the scale. A scale can make or break your mood in an instant so stop letting it play head games on with you.
  2. If you really want to know how your weight is impacting your health find out your body composition, there are many ways to go about measuring that but we suggest you come in to RevolutioniZe and get a Fit3d scan done, where it can tell you your body fat percentage and inches.
  3. Your weight alone is a poor indicator of your health. You can be very thin and unhealthy or vice versa. Don’t let your number on the scale be the only indication if you are fit or not.
  4. The scale does not tell you your strength and endurance. It doesn’t know how much physical activity you do or your lifestyle.
  5. My favorite is using how your clothes fit as your guide. Your clothes help you to have a better perceptual awareness of your body, NUMBERS ON THE SCALE DO NOT. If your clothes fit better and you are feeling changes then why does the number on the scale affect you so much?
  6. A scale does not measure your body fat to muscle ratio and if you do have one that does it’s not the most accurate way to measure it because it only takes your age, weight, height to determine it. Again getting your body composition done by the Fit3d scanner will let you know more about your body and how much muscle mass you have versus fat mass.
  7. The scale doesn’t consider your healthy weight range, it only gives you one number. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day and day-to-day because of water intake, salt consumption, pre-menstruation and etc.
  8. A scale cannot measure your self-worth so if you use your scale for punishment or reinforcement like rewarding yourself with a donut when the number is down or starving yourself because the numbers up then you need to stop weighing yourself. The scale should not hold that power over you!
  9. Don’t be so focused on progress numbers from the scale. Focus on how you feel mentally and physically and focus on eating according to your goals! A better way to track progress is again how your clothes are fitting and the body composition changes!
  10. Scales are not all the same!! Your scale at home can be completely different than the scale at the doctor’s office but if you are obsessed with weighing yourself and see a slight change up on a different scale it could result in an unhealthy emotional breakdown.

The scale is only one indicator of weight loss so if you think you have an unhealthy relationship with the scale, STAY OFF OF IT! Use your clothes as an indicator, get Fit3d scans done to monitor body composition changes, eat according to your goals and commit to at least three workouts a week, including strength training.

All of these will keep you motivated and on track!

About RevolutioniZe Nutrition

RevolutioniZe Nutrition has developed an exclusive nutritional program that can be adapted to anyone's specific goals. They provide a solid support system to optimize fitness and nutrition. Whether you want to slim down and practice a healthy lifestyle or need a contest prep coach for an NPC fitness competition, RevolutioniZe Nutrition can offer a program to fit your needs.

This article has been posted with permission by RevolutioniZe Nutrition.