New Specialty Classes

Starting February 27 and through March 17, we are trialing a series of specialty classes that will be offered Monday through Friday at 8:00 AM. These 30-minute classes will be capped at 10 people and offer the perfect complement to the 8:30 sessions already on the schedule.

Stretching & Mobility (Monday and Friday)

This stretching session is a standalone workout or can be used as a warm up for the 8:30 class. It will incorporate static and dynamic stretching, along with basic joint mobilization. This session is designed to help increase range of motion, flexibility, stability, and performance.

Boxing Pad Work (Tuesday)

The closest thing to boxing without getting hit. Work one-on-one within a group as a trainer holds pads and directs specific punch combinations. Other movements and body weight exercises will be integrated into this cardio-intense session. Basic knowledge of boxing movements required; be wrapped and ready for this session.

Circuit Blast (Wednesday and Thursday)

A high-intensity circuit training format, this session will include an array of body weight, endurance and metcon exercises. Complexes, stations and continuous movements will include battle ropes, kettlebells and other equipment.

So if you are pressed for time or want to get additional work in, these classes are a great place to start your day.  Registration is required; simply sign in through MindBody or contact the front desk.