Reinforcing the Importance of Fitness at Turtle Creek Learning Academy

Our trainers have a lot of energy but they met their match during visits to Turtle Creek Learning Academy located on Railroad Avenue, less than a mile away from our facility. Lauren, Hakim, and Mark conducted a series of fitness workshops for the students, teaching basic movements and how exercise can be fun.

“Our kids are excited to see the trainers,” said Mamie Weiss, director of the pre-school. “They do a great job engaging with the girls and boys, emphasizing the importance of exercise, eating healthy, and building strong muscles.”

“Fitness and wellness requires staying active and exercising regularly,” said Laurie Ricevuto, manager of HIT Training and the person who coordinated the sessions. “We work with several of the area pre-schools and academies to volunteer and reinforce the need to exercise. The kids gravitate toward our trainers who morph into kids themselves when they visit the schools. They feed off each other’s energy.”

We had a blast showing the kids different exercises. They have a lot of energy doing the basic movements, such as situps, pushups, and jumping jacks.

If you know a school in the area that can benefit from our trainer demonstrations, let us know.