Renovation Starts Today

We are making changes here at HIT Training…

Starting today, the reception area and kitchen will undergo a renovation.

It might be a bit dusty and noisy during construction but our plan is to manage the renovation with minimal inconvenience. All classes, personal and small group training will remain as scheduled.

AT HIT Training, we are always seeking new ways to improve your training experience. This renovation will offer new opportunities to do this.

So what are we doing?

The kitchen area will be removed, making room for more training space and equipment. This area will include new rubber flooring.  Additionally, the turf area will be replaced with new, higher-quality material.  It will also be expanded to accommodate different training techniques. With the added space, we will reconfigure certain areas of the gym and introduce new equipment.

The new reception area will include a reconfigured and redesigned check-in desk that integrates a wraparound counter to enjoy a post-workout shake. The reception area will be open to the gym as the existing wall separating the two will be modified.

Once the renovation is complete, new apparel will be introduced. We are currently working on spring designs that will arrive in April.  

Moving forward, our mantra is to introduce something new once a week. This could be the addition of new equipment, supporting a community event, introducing a new program or fitness challenge, launching our own mobile app, and hosting a seminar, to name a few.  If you have an idea, comment or request, please share it at

We are excited about these new changes and look forward to earning your fitness each and every day.

Yours in training…

The team at HIT Training