Cardio Boxing – Total Body Conditioning

When was the last time you punched something?

Our boxing classes provide hundreds of opportunities to do so.  It’s you against the heavy bag and the heavy bag does not punch back, but the classes pack a punch and deliver an intense one-hour workout.

Ideal for all fitness levels, our classes teach boxing fundamentals including varied punch combinations, footwork and movement, all within a fun and fast-paced cardio conditioning session.

Jab-cross. Double jab-cross-hook. Double jab-cross-hook-uppercut. These are just a few of the combinations that are drilled, enabling you to perfect your boxing skills.

Depending on your weight and intensity level, boxing can burn nearly 1,000 calories in an hour. One of our members, a 200-pound man nearly 50 years old burns an average of 800 calories per class.


Integrating boxing into your weekly regimen will complement strength training and allow you to mix different modalities to improve overall fitness.

In addition to conditioning, boxing is great for stress relief. There is something therapeutic about punching a heavy bag for an hour!

Give it a try. We offer boxing Monday through Saturday. You will be hooked.