Five Reasons to Jumpstart Your Fitness with Class-Based Training

Happy New Year!

Monday is always a big day for gyms and fitness centers. The first Monday of the year is even bigger, with many fitness- and health-oriented resolutions getting put into action today.

Among the many options to “hit the gym” in 2016, group classes offer an excellent way to build strength, burn more fat, and lose weight.  Most importantly, they can keep you committed beyond the first few weeks of the year when resolutions begin to break down. Here are five reasons why classes can keep you on track and one step closer to achieving your fitness goals:

  • Always Different – mixing strength and resistance training with cardio conditioning utilizing different movements and equipment, classes are always varied. The workouts are never the same, designed to constantly challenge you and ensure a unique training experience.
  • Scaled For You – although classes are designed for groups with different rep counts and/or time intervals, they can be easily modified and scaled to allow you to train at your own pace and intensity level.
  • Just Show Up – the programming is done for you. With classes, trainers prepare the workout so there is nothing to think about. All you need to do is be ready to work hard.
  • Social and Fun – classes draw small and large groups which enable you to train with all types of people that will inspire, motivate and encourage you. By working classes into your schedule, you will meet new people and create friendships that will make you look forward to training and hold you more accountable.
  • Learn New Things – by integrating an array of movements, techniques and equipment, classes provide an opportunity to learn different styles and modalities. Olympic lifts, kettlebells, and boxing are just a few ways to expand your training IQ and skillset.

With 40-plus classes on the schedule each week, we invite you to experience our training.

Looking forward to seeing you.