New Youth Sports Performance Classes

This week we launched new sports performance classes designed to increase speed, strength, agility, coordination, and muscle mass. Ideal for serious athletes in middle and high school (ages 13-18), the class will be held five times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:00 PM; Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 PM); each session will be sixty minutes.

The classes will include 30 minutes of conditioning, footwork, mechanics, and other facets to enhance performance. The other 30 minutes will focus on strength training.

Emphasizing form and technique, the strength training component will prepare athletes for high school weight rooms and other workout regimens. Athletes will learn proper positioning and techniques to prevent injuries and help enhance performance and enjoyment. They will also learn the basic power lift movements, recovery techniques, and maintenance protocols to establish and maintain flexibility and stabilization.

Measure, train and improve. Our sports performance classes will help get athletes stronger and faster!

Getting Faster. The Philosophy Behind Speed Training:

  • Increase strength
  • Increase unilateral strength
  • Increase ground contact force
  • Improve starting ability from a stationary, three-point, four-point and standing position, and from a moving posture (walking, jogging, striding) and to acceleration and maximum speed
  • Improve muscle balance
  • Increase stride length
  • Increase the stride rate (number of steps taken per second)
  • Improve sprinting form and technique
  • Improve speed endurance

All of these contribute to more efficient movement and mechanics which can boost athleticism and enhance performance.

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