Eating Clean Made Easy

We recently connected with Eat Clean Bro, a convenient web-based food service that prepares restaurant-quality, chef-prepared meals and delivers them to the refrigerator in our reception area (you won't be able to miss it). Eat Clean Bro offers a range of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner; all their meals are nutritious and taste great.

Eat Clean Bro is a unique service. To ensure freshness, only meals ordered in advance and via the Eat Clean Bro website will be delivered to HIT Training.  We will not carry any inventory. Therefore you will not be able to purchase any meals directly from us.  All orders are handled online by Eat Clean Bro.

How Eat Clean Bro Works

Simply go to and place an order. For Monday delivery, orders need to be placed between Thursday and Sunday night. For Thursday delivery, orders must be placed in between Monday and Wednesday night. When ordering, choose the "Delivery" option and in the comments type "HIT Training." The delivery charge will be waived. Eat Clean Bro will deliver your meals to HIT Training on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00 PM. Come in for a class or training session and leave with your meals.

The combination of eating clean through Eat Clean Bro and our training will enable you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

We encourage you to give them a try.