Welcome Back Collis

HIT Training is pleased to announce the return of Collis Spann to New Jersey taking on the role General Manager effective February 13. Collis is energetic, talented and he will be instrumental in managing the day-to-day operations and training experience at HIT.

The addition of Collis is just the beginning of many new initiatives that are planned, starting in March. There will be improvements and changes made to the facility which include re-configuring the layout of the Rogue and Title boxing racks, as well as the purchase of new equipment. We will also roll out a new class schedule that integrates four-week programming cycles designed to improve results and recovery time.

Additionally, a series of specialized group training programs will be introduced along with monthly clinics focused on Olympic lifting, kettlebell movements and other disciplines.

Thank you for supporting HIT. Our goal is to provide an intense, yet fun environment for you to achieve your fitness goals. As we make our improvements, please don't hesitate to bring a friend to share the HIT Training experience.