New Class Schedule and Format: Introducing the Four-Week Pendulum

The new schedule and format is programmed around four-week blocks, designed to measure progress and produce results for all skill levels. Each month will offer a completely new program and training experience. The classes rotate each week, offering a specific focus on strength or high intensity interval training, and emphasize lower or upper body movements as well as cardio conditioning.

Each workout offered Monday through Friday is designed to prevent over training and enhance recovery by providing adequate time to rest.

The monthly schedule is framed over a four-week pendulum -- the first three weeks rotate and the fourth -- "Maverick" -- will serve as a preview of workouts that will be integrated into future cycles. Maverick workouts will be different than the previous three weeks and will integrate high intensity conditioning. After the "Maverick" week a new four-week pendulum will be introduced.

Each month our classes will change in exercise selection and program description. This provides an opportunity to improve and progress technique that were integrated in previous classes.

We believe the four-week pendulum offers a unique opportunity to train and achieve results ranging from getting stronger to building muscle and losing weight.

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