Resolutions, Fitness and Nutrition

According to a recent survey of Top New Year's Resolutions for 2016, "live a healthier lifestyle" and "lose weight" were ranked second and third behind "enjoy life to the fullest." Representing 5,000-plus responses nationwide, the survey breaks down the top resolutions by state.

So what is New Jersey's number one resolution?

You guessed it...

Lose weight is the top resolution in New Jersey, which actually has one of the lowest obesity rates in the nation. 

So if this survey is in line with your New Year's resolution, consider our eight-week Fitness and Nutrition program which we are kicking off on Saturday, January 9. The program is open to existing class and personal training members as well as anyone seeking to make a change to their fitness and nutrition regimen. 

Collaborating with clinical nutritionist Thomas Mantos, the program includes individual consultation to baseline caloric intake and provide guidelines on the appropriate dietary needs, servings, etc. Personal assessments, measurements, goal setting and training schedule are also included, along with weekly office hour sessions.

By combining a food plan, a modified version of the Mediterranean diet, with strength and high intensity interval training, you will eat cleaner and build muscle, all while burning off the holidays. 

Don't be like 92 percent of people who are unsuccessful at achieving their resolutions. Put yours into action and bring a spouse or friend! 


  • New Members: 8-Week Fitness & Nutrition - $449 (includes unlimited access to classes)
  • Active Class Members: add the 8-Week Nutrition - $199

This program is open to 30 people. As of today there are only 15 spots left. To register, contact