What Are You Training For?

As we approach January, the anticipation of turning the calendar to a new year always brings change, commitments and promises. We embrace the excitement of what’s next and have the opportunity to hit the reset button on things that need to be adjusted.

So what are you training for in 2016?

It’s a simple question, but when we ask, the answer is never delivered with conviction.

Improving your fitness, losing weight, eating cleaner and getting more active are typical responses. But these are generalizations and lack specificity. And without specifics, it is difficult to measure results.

Everyone has their own reason why they train. Running a race, competing, looking and feeling good. Living a healthier lifestyle. Getting faster, stronger, experiencing a triathlon or endurance event.

The key is having a reason and timeframe to keep you (and us) focused. It’s the first step in putting purpose behind your training and getting better every day. Inching closer to a goal that can be measured.

At HIT Training, we are committed to helping you achieve results. But it first starts with you and how you answer those five words.

Over the next few days give some thought to what you are training for. Put it on the board. We will be ready to help you put it into action in January.

And if fitness and nutrition are on the top of your list, join us January 9 for the kick-off of our new eight-week program.

Photo credit: Chris Bauer