December Seminar - Kettlebell Movements

We integrate kettlebells into many of our training sessions and classes. They are ideal to build core strength, burn body fat, as well as enable corrective exercise to improve flexibility and prevent injury.

Our December seminar provides an opportunity to learn the foundational kettlebell movements and sharpen your skills. Designed for all fitness levels, this hands-on session will be hosted by Collis Spann, a level 2 certified kettlebell teacher through the International Kettlebell Fitness Federation. It will cover the clean, snatch, different presses, jerk, and rack hold. Different planes of motion and how to use kettlebells for various movements will also be discussed.

Unilateral and bilateral movements will be demonstrated as well as proper hand placement and understanding kettlebell trajectory; all of these will improve your training skills.

Held at HIT Training on December 19 at 11:30 AM, this seminar is free for members and guests. Contact to RSVP so we can save you a kettlebell.